John Dolmayan: ” I’m no longer involved with Scars On Broadway”

Things around the System of A Down camp have been relatively calm over the last six years with the band taking a well-needed hiatus. In that time lead singer Serj Tankian and band mates Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan have worked on various side projects including Serj’s solo project and Scars on Broadway respectively. In 2011 however, they fell back under the System Of A Down umbrella for a series of live shows, but still no new music. This year saw SOAD perform at the well-known Heavy MTL festival and now have a slew of dates with the Deftones on tap for the band this Summer. Drummer John Dolmayan sat down with to discuss both shows and the band’s future plans.

Scars On Broadway have been silent for a few years. Will you gear up that band again anytime soon?

Dolmayan: That’s a fair question, but I’m no longer involved with Scars On Broadway, but Daron (Malakian) is and is in the process of making, recording and releasing an album (in fact as we speak). So, you will definitely hear some Scars On Broadway within the next four or five months.

Outside of System and since you’re no longer involved with Scars is there anything else from you the fans can look forward to?
Dolmayan: They definitely can. I’m doing things outside of music…

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