Review – Scars on Broadway

Scars On Broadway are back! Well, frontman Daron Malakian (who you may recognize from his stint in System of a Down) may argue that they were never gone. After the 2008 release of their stellar self-titled debut and a few shows, the band canceled their planned headlining tour and went on the down-low for a spell … popping back up in 2010 with a new song and a show here and there. Fast forward to 2012 and drummer John Dolmayan has departed the band but a new album is on the horizon and they’re thankfully back on the road with Deftones.

The Bay Area loves its Deftones and it’s a brave band that stands between their fans and a headlining set. When 8 pm rolled around and Scars took the stage, it was immediately clear who was there for what. The rail was populated side-to-side with the obvious Deftones fans, but right behind them was a mob of rabid Scars on Broadway die-hards singing and moshing along. Further down the rail … what appeared to be SOB’s #1 Fan (tall, white t-shirt, not to be missed) who went nuts throughout the set and hollered to Daron at one point, “you’re my hero.” And the Deftones crowd? They may not have known the words to the songs but they were right there with them too.

Only the second show into the tour, Daron and the band sounded tight as can be; well-rehearsed and keenly focused on the music. They only took a break to address the crowd right before Cute Machines to dedicate the song to the horror on the street outside their tour bus (if you’ve ever been to the Warfield, you’d know exactly what he was talking about). Bottom line: 40 minutes of bad ass rock and roll. Oh, and #1 Fan got a guitar pick personally delivered by Daron himself.
Keep any eye out for Scars when they hit your town and watch out for their next release which will hopefully be as strong as their first.

Scars On Broadway
World Long Gone
Sickening Wars
Cute Machines
Kill Each Other/Live Forever
They Say
F*** n Kill
Stoner Hate


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