Daron Malakian Will Make a Guest Appearance on New Linkin Park Album

System of a Down’s axeman Daron Malakian will be the featured as the guest in the upcoming Linkin Park album, x95.9FM reports (via ABC News Radio).

There will be at least one more guest on the album – Paige Hamilton, the Helmet frontman, also participated. However, it’s still unrevealed how did they participate – as the guitar players or as the singers. The presence of Malakian and Hamilton was revealed during the album’s closed pre-release listening session, which took place on April 4.

Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda said during the session that he and his band mates share a growing discomfort with the poppier leanings of alternative music these days. With the new album, he says, they felt the need to return to a harder edge.

“This is reflected in the first single, ‘Guilty All the Same,'” says Shinoda. “It just felt like the right introduction to the record, which is kind of a shocking one.”

As a matter of fact, Shinoda says the song “sits in the middle [of the songs on the album]” in terms of tone.

However, Shinoda said that the songs were still rough mixes and that the band is busy tweaking them; he says fans can expect the new Linkin Park album “sometime in the middle of the summer.”

Paige Hamilton and Daron Malakian joined Rakim in the list of guest appearances on the newest Linkin Park album – the iconic rapper participated to the first single off the record, “Guilty All the Same,” revealed a month ago.



N-Dubz Want To Collaborate With System Of A Down

Source – Digital Spy
Credit – toomerj

British hip-hop trio, N-Dubz, have revealed that they would love to collaborate with a rock group.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the trio explained that they would like the opportunity to perform at one of the summer festivals.

“The festival boundary we could really break is Glastonbury,” band member Dappy said. “Reading and Leeds could be fun too because they’re really rock.”

He continued: “We could collaborate with a rock artist like Jay-Z did with Linkin Park. I really like System Of A Down so maybe we could do it with them.”

Scouting For Girls recently claimed that they would like to work on a song with N-Dubz.